Monica H Thomas – Get Back Rite

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Band: Monica H Thomas
Music Genre: Hiphop
Youtube: Monica Thomas

Facebook: Monica H Thomas

Twitter: monica4thomas


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Artist BIO:

Monica H. Thomas a solo rap artist started out working under management of Geek The-Hot, the CEO of Custom Vocals and Flooddablock Ent. for about a year. I dropped several mixtape singles while working with Geek. I learned a lot in a years time about the music industry and process of making music. Since then I’ve branched off on my own building up trust and producing good quality Music for my growing listening audiences.

Monica’s BIO:

Monica H Thomas an independent upcoming music artist from Gainesville Florida 🐊 has been making music for about a year now. My first, “There You Go” -EP- was just release May 13, 2017. Then shortly after I dropped my latest single in which I’m submitting to Fresh Music Playlist called, “Get Back Rite!” I believe this is a song that can be felt and many can relate too.

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