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Band: Snowdog
Music Genre: Dance, House
Soundcloud: snowdog09-1
Youtube: Snowdog
Instagram: snowdog09
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Raised on TV BIO:

Snowdog (Zakery Husk) is a Dance and EDM producer from the Chicago area. His musical journey started in 2009 when he joined 5th grade beginning band on French Horn. The next three years, his middle school went on to win three consecutive gold ratings at the PAC contests in his area. He moved onto his high school’s Concert Band in 2013. The next year, he was moved up to Symphonic Band. There he learned music theory and history. During high school, he participated in Jazz Band on trumpet, and Pep Band on the mellophone. He started listening to Dance and EDM in 2012 when Avicii released Wake Me Up. He started using FL Studio less than a year later on his mother’s laptop, then on his own laptop in 2014.

Snowdog participated in Zedd’s remix contest for “I Want You To know” and also has a couple other remixes, including Don Diablo and Matt Nash’s “Starlight (Could You Be Mine)” and Leaf Adventure’s “Escape.” He is self taught on the program and believes in quality instead of quantity. Snowdog is currently working on new music in a variety of new styles and is in flight school.

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