What is Fresh music playlist about?

Here at Fresh music playlist we offer the opportunity for new bands or artists to promote their (new) songs or albums. Simply submit your song at our website by navigating to the “Submit your song” page, fill in your information and let us worry about the rest!
Fresh music playlist is a free website and will be free forever. You will not have to pay for anything to get your song promoted!

Fresh Music Playlist socials

Also Fresh Music Playlist can be found at various social networks. Check out our various pages. Follow, like share and subscribe to keep in touch with us!

Get your song promoted at our Facebook page. We will post a message at our Facebook page with the correct information and a preview of your song!

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Your song will be put on our Youtube page. Here everyone can listen your full song right away including all of the detailed information that you have provided.

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At our Instagram page we will post a video of you or your band. This video can be anything that you want us to post, just so we can promote your song!

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We will tweet your song at our twitter wall. Your song will be linked to our Youtube video where they can leave a reply.

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You guys are great! Thank you for the support! I also love how much effort you put into this! Simply brilliant!

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Eddy mann

It's great that you are honored that you are selected for this. For us it's also great that you want to do this!

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Thank you for promoting my song, it really made me happy seeing the reactions from people on the different media platforms!

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