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Mellowtone is a Swiss band from the canton of Fribourg. The music of the combo ranges from trip-hop to indie-rock, with elements of pop, psychedelic and ambient. These mellow tones are shaped by the strong voice of singer Martina Birbaum. Other group members are Micro Ackermann (guitar), Matthias Haymoz (bass), Ives Schmidt (piano) and Beat Huber (drums).

The band was founded in 2008. Three years later, the debut-album “Acts of love” was published and a first set of concerts was played – for example at the ono (Bern), Bad bonn (Düdingen), la spirale (Fribourg) and in Munich or Berlin. the second album “Broken rooms” was recorded at the influx studios in Bern during the summer 2015 with us-producer Slade Templeton and was released in Switzerland in 2016, the international release was in March 2017.


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