What is Fresh music playlist about? Opportunity!

Here at Fresh music playlist we offer the opportunity for new bands or artists to promote their (new) songs or albums.

From classic to heavy metal, we provide a chance for anyone who is relatively new to the music world or has a new great song that they want to promote or release. Since we love a big variety of music we will check your song and if it catches our interests we will post it on our website for everyone to see! Not only will we post it on our website, we will also put it in our 24/7 radio station! Anyone who is tuning in to our station is able to listen to that great song that you or your band has posted!

Our goal

It is very important for us that new bands or artists can be found by the world! There is nothing better than new and ambitious musicians who want to blow our minds away with their new and refreshing music.

Often new musicians have trouble with getting people to listen to their songs. Here at Fresh music playlist we offer them help in reaching their goals. Every musicians who gets in touch with us will have the opportunity to share his / her / their song(s) with us. We will then do our utmost to get everyone in the world to get to know this song!

What makes us different?

Unlike some others we provide promotions completely free of charge.

Pros of Fresh music playlist

It’s always great to show the pros of your service. here are some of them:

  • It’s completely free!
  • Any genre is allowed!
  • Shared on our website and on social media!
  • Our listeners base may not be massive, but we do our utmost to share your song(s) to everyone!
  • Honesty is important to us so you don’t have to expect anything bad!
  • We try to make Fresh music playlist as good as possible for both our visitors as the musicians here!

Cons of Fresh music playlist

There is no community, company or organisation that doesn’t have cons. We aren’t excluded. We also have cons and we are not ashamed to inform you about this!

  • Fresh Music Playlist started at 1-05-2017, so we are relatively new. It’s possible that some features are missing for you here. The plus side of this is that you can suggest these things!
  • Unfortunately we don’t have a big team, so your requests may take longer than you would expect.


You got nothing to loose but some time. Everything is free and who knows, maybe you will get a major followers boost by submitting your song to freshmusicplaylist.com! Submit your song now to get started!