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Artists reactions

Some of the nice reactions we got from the artists that submitted their song.


Triphop, Indie and more

You guys are great! Thank you for the support! I also love how much effort you put into this! Simply brilliant!

Eddy mann

Folk and rock music

It's great that you are honored that you are selected for this. For us it's also great that you want to do this!


Dance and House

Thank you for promoting my song, it really made me happy seeing the reactions from people on the different media platforms!

Our latest songs

Here you can find the latests songs that have been submitted!

Eddy Mann

Eddy Mann – Eleven in a Boat Artist information Band: Eddy Mann Music Genre: Folk-Rock Youtube: souldulour (Eddy Mann) Facebook: eddymann.musician Twitter: eddy_mann Contact Get in contact with Eddy Mann Get in contact Band BIO: Read more…


Monica H Thomas

Monica H Thomas – Get Back Rite Artist information Band: Monica H Thomas Music Genre: Hiphop Youtube: Monica Thomas Facebook: Monica H Thomas Twitter: monica4thomas Contact Get in contact with Monica H. Thomas Get in Read more…



Massock – Unfriendly Ghost Artist information Band: Massock Music Genre: Dubstep Website: Facebook: Twitter: Darksock1 Contact Coming soon! Get in contact Massock BIO: Electronic music producer.



Snowdog – Reminisce Band information Band: Snowdog Music Genre: Dance, House Soundcloud: snowdog09-1 Facebook: Youtube: Snowdog Instagram: snowdog09 Twitter: Contact Work in progress Get in contact Raised on TV BIO: Snowdog (Zakery Husk) Read more…

Alternative rock

Raised on TV

Raised on TV -Big Sur (Up the Coast) Band information Band: Raised on TV Music Genre: Alternative rock Website: Facebook: Youtube: Raised on TV Instagram: raisedontvband Twitter: Contact Sorry, the band doesn’t Read more…